December 13, 2006

One more day...

One more day of work before 10 days off, 6 to be spent at Mt. Bachelor just outside Bend.  The weather is looking good--temperatures will be dropping this weekend and there is some new snow falling with more to come.  Boofis is excited to ski on her birthday, but Schmoopie is not looking forward to finally taking ski lessons.  In fact, I'm not sure she is actually aware that she is going to be required to ski this trip.  Sal may even strap on some skiis if the set up is right.

We're staying at a place in Sunriver, about 20 miles south of Bend, hoping that there will be snow on the ground for a little cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing out the back door.  If there is no snow in the valley, that's ok too, we'll just have to commute up the mountain.  I'm definitely missing Spokane and the possibility of snow falling at our house.  Here in Portland, if we do get snow, it will probably only be a light dusting of wet, soggy slush.

Speaking of Spokane, we are just about halfway through our time here in Portland.  I think we've adjusted to being here, but most of us can't get back to Spokane soon enough.  Well, time to do some reading before bed.

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