March 11, 2009

9-year-old Photog

A few weeks back I posted photos taken by our newly 11 year old daughter.  Here are photos from our 9 year old.  I really enjoy seeing what they see.

Here is Sal with a piece of ice.


I burned our Christmas tree in our fire pit one Sunday afternoon.


A lone leaf.


The elusiveness of Spring.


Big Dummy Winter Upgrades


So Xtracycle had a sale in February and I decided to stimulate the sagging economy by buying one of everything.  Actually, they had a good deal on their "Adventure Racks" that I had been wanting to get so I could use my panniers instead of their "Free Loader" bags.  It was a package deal that included an aluminum "TekDeck" and "Whatchamacollars" which are nice additions as well.  If you don't know what these things are and are curious go here.  Anyway, I think these things have lightened my rear triangle a bit.  In fact, with the "Whatchamacollars" I don't need the "TecDeck" unless I want a place to put more stuff or for someone to sit.  So all I carry is one or two panniers but can add two more if needed.  And they're waterproof for the upcoming Spring.

I threw in a stoker bar as a present for Sal's 5th birthday.  I think he'll like it judging by his reaction so far.