December 11, 2006

Christmas photos and the blog title

Yesterday we took photos of the kids for the annual Christmas card.  It was quite the production.  Veep had a vision for the photo with a background of moss-covered rocks up the street.  So we dressed the kids up and braved the rain for a roadside photo session with cars driving by.  After much coaxing, pleading, and threatening, we got some good photos.  Afterwards, while trying to glean the right photo, I thought it interesting as I flipped through the pictures, they seemed to tell a brief story of our kids.  From silly photos, to fighting, to me threatening  Sal with removing his tongue if he didn't put it back in his mouth (you can see me grabbing his tongue, it has worked in the past to get him to stop spitting in the car).  Anyway, I thought others would appreciate the narrative of the photos, so they are all over in the "glasses" album to your right.

I also wanted to answer Sijbrich's question as to the title of my blog.  It is simply a reference to amblyopia, which is poor development of the optic nerve which can sometimes lead to tracking problems with the eyes if severe.  I have a mild case, which is somewhat ironic since I rely so heavily on my eyes for a living and hobbies (visual arts).   Plus it just sounds kind of catchy.  I guess I'm also pursuing a head and neck prosthetic theme as a result.  We'll see how long I can keep it up.


  1. Why not just do a collage for your Christmas card? Interesting answer to Sijbrich, we often forget that the youngest child wasn't around when things were happening in the family!

  2. Yeah, as the youngest I got left out of a bunch of things, huh?*sniff* Did you know in Jr. High I was told I might have scoliosis? I agree with Mom, I think you should put a bunch of the pictures on there, perhaps show the complete story including the strangling, chastisement, tongue-holding, girls helping Sal to keep it in, and the finale of the tongue reappearing in all its glory. Sal's got some great facial expressions in some of them and the girls look great, too. Can't wait to get the Christmas card and see what you guys choose.

  3. I dig the one with Schmoopie whispering in Sal's ear (or is that Boofie?--still working to get those nicknames straight).