December 9, 2006

Spectacles Spectacle

So VP has a new camera which both of us really enjoy.  She has always been a photographer with a vision, and now she has the right equipment to really get the photos she envisions ( a digital camera that actually takes the picture right when you push the button?!--novel idea).  Needless to say, I've packed the "spectacles" album to your right with photos from the last 5 months.  I think there are some pretty amazing photos myself, both landscape and portraits.  Anyway, anyone who cares to see our family, enjoy.


  1. I think it helps that your kids are really cute, too. But I'm sure VP's photographic skills are superior, as well.

  2. VP's got the touch with that new camera. Nice photos.
    LazyEye, you are incredible. You're already in 2007!