January 4, 2007

Back to business

So the holidays have finally died down and it's back to work.  Work came early for me, starting the day after Christmas, with call over the New Year's weekend.  So actually, I've worked every day since Christmas.  I'm thinking I should just head back to Bend and stay.

The crew (ie. kids) had a pretty good haul over Christmas.  It's amazing though, after spending a decent amount of money on gifts, I can't say that I see them playing with them so much.  Oh well, since I do most of the Christmas shopping I can make sure they are toys that at least I'll like.  So, needless to say, I've already logged a few hours playing Tony Hawk on Schmoopie's new game boy and could spend more time playing with Sal's Hot Wheels race track.

I am now officially half way through my fellowship here.  Passing this mark has got me daydreaming about life six months from now.  I like what I do here, but look forward to having more control over my working conditions back in Spokane.  Here I end up answering a barrage of phone calls and taking care of little annoying administrative problems that interrupt my workflow again and again and again and again... Plus I like the easy living in Spokane.  No traffic, cheaper cost of living, closer skiing, owning a house again.

With the new year I also thought I'd create a list of resolutions of sorts, actually more a list of things I hope to do this year.  Ill wok on that and post it later.

This Saturday I head up to Mt. Hood for a two day Avalanche awareness course--one day of class, and one day in the snow digging snow pits and playing around.  I'm looking forward to it.  I hope to eventually do some ski touring and backcountry skiing.  In fact, every time I see the snow around my brother's house I think about making some turns in his back yard.

Well, that's enough of an update for now.  If you haven't already, check out the new photos from Mt. Bachelor on the left.

Hey, has anyone out there checked out my music reviews?  Anyone found anything they like?


  1. Sal wins points for the coolest hat. Did Schmoopie ski? Can't imagine not enjoying some sort of skiing...

  2. So I just learned that you really like Desperate Housewives. I think you should blog about that.

  3. seriously? you like Desperate Housewives?
    I'm liking your music reviews, I got Josh Ritter, Hello Starling from Cary and have listened to it a couple times and liked it so far.
    I have some other Iron & Wine stuff, definitely like him, and I'm pretty sure I'll like Sufjan Stevens, I just haven't got any of his albums yet.
    Have you heard The Aggrolites? Their music is kind of a mix of funk and reggae and very fun. I like them. Speaking of reggae, what about Matisyahu?