February 12, 2007

Back on the blogosphere

So writing on my blog every day was not one of my new years resolutions. 

Schmoopie had her 9th birthday last week.  One of her wishes for her birthday was to stay home from school.  Ironically, only a few hours into the morning she came down with a cough and fever and ended up missing the next three days of school.  She still had a pretty good day despite it all, complete with Barbie faries and books and legos.  These days Schmoopie likes to be at home and chose to stay home for her birthday dinner.  French fries, roasted chicken, and cream puffs for dessert.

It's hard to believe that she is 9.  So now Veep and I don't only have our own birthdays to remind us we're getting old, but our kids' as well.

Shmoopie's other birthday wish was to go to Spokane and visit her friends.  So, under the guise of going to Spokane over President's weekend to start looking at houses, she is getting her wish. 

In other news, we are all now officially ready to move back to Spokane.  Last Sunday our neighbor complained to our landlady that we are too loud, that it is driving her crazy and she may need to move out.  As a result we now feel a little stressed about being at home and are hyper aware of any move the kids make.  We can't wait to buy a new home with more square footage and maybe a little acreage so thay we can enjoy our space, privacy, and allow our kids to actually act like kids.

We've also made plans to visit Utah over spring break.  I'm going to make the trip as well and Veep and I are going to spend 3 days up at Snowbird.  Hopefully they'll get a little snow between now and then as it has been a low snow year.

A few weeks ago I awoke from a dream where I was buying skateboards for Sal and I.  So, inspired by this vision, I found a vintage skateboard shop in downtown Portland, just blocks from the legendary Burnside skatepark, and took Sal down to get outfitted.  Sal was excited to get a mini board with a black helmet and black skull skate shirt.  So far, however, he has mostly ridden the board on his belly, only standing on the board when anchored on the carpet.  He'll get the hang of it soon enough and, at this point, it's enough just to see him excited to put the helmet on and have him ask for his skate shirt.

Well, that's good for now.  I've got more to tell but will update later.  Plus I've got more music reviews to put up.


  1. sheesh, finally! Happy belated birthday to Shmoopie, I hate to sound like an old fogey, but how can she be 9? Yikes, we are getting old.

  2. Yikes. I clearly remember being in college and watching the video of when she was born. How could that have been 9 years ago? You're not the only one that's feeling old as a result of your kids' ages.
    I am baffled that your neighbor is complaining that your kids are too loud. Seriously, they are just about the most mellow kids I have ever met and I don't remember any yelling or screaming during our 5 days with you guys in December. Sheesh.

  3. That's rad about Sal's new board. Maybe by end of summer he'll have that ollie (sp?) down.

  4. So is your blogging goal once a month?

  5. My goal is to blog once a year... Just kiddding Lucy. CJ3 has been taking Mimi to the skate park aswell. He really wants you to come skate with him this summer. Mimi and Sal can be skating cousins.