June 5, 2010

Daily Opinion

Like most people, I am typically enthusiastic when something is new.  This new space for my blog is no different.  So within the space of only one day, I am posting a second time.  Unprecedented and unlikely to happen again.

Today, as I went about my weekend activities, I generated a few unimportant opinions.  They are as follows:

1.  If you ride a loud, annoying motorcycle you shouldn't be allowed to wear ear plugs to mask the sound for yourself.

2.  Local art festivals really only need to be attended once every couple years since much of the same stuff is there every time.

3.  I think I have the discipline to be a vegetarian, but not the discipline to cook vegetarian food.

4.  A good paid house cleaner is awesome and addicting.

5.  Rogue advertising signs along rural roadways are tantamount to littering.

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