November 23, 2008

Qwik Update


Sal has taken to playing an old thrift store guitar Veep picked up a while back.  He's gotten a little frustrated that it sounds so loud when one of us plays along side him.  However, he has persisted and keeps making up songs which he asks us to make up words for.  He has learned the chorus of Don McLean's American Pie and insists we sing along.  I took him and the girls to a free kids concert the local NPR station puts on--songs of the Civil War.  It was well done with a History professor from a local university giving a little background about Lincoln and a local bluegrass band covering a spectrum of 19th century music.  Sal was impressed with all the different instruments--guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle, mandolin.  He was anxious to get home and play some more.  He insisted Veep put the guitar case in front of him and put some dollars in it.  Perhaps we should take him on the road.  

Tonight we made a last minute decision to go to Utah for Thanksgiving.  I still loathe Utah, but since the snow has still not decided to fly here, I will deign to ski the 22" Alta is claiming (though there is snow in the forecast midweek).  Good thing I rode a bit this weekend, I need a bull market in the quadriceps department if I'm going to lay down any decent tele turns.  Getting rid of the cobwebs early will be good.  Last year I was jonesin' far too late into December (I rarely use the word "jonesin', but I don't know how better to portray the middle age angst in between seasons).


By the way, I found some projects in the corner of my room.  I don't understand how this pile grows, but it seems that the textbooks are alway on the bottom.


  1. It is so Californian to hate Utah.

  2. It is so Utah to care what Californians think.

  3. Ouch.
    I still claim Las Vegas as my native soil but I embrace Utah.

  4. Hate only hurts YOU, young Jedi...I mean middle-aged Jedi.
    Stop by if you have a few minutes. EV would love to see the cousins.

  5. So, was there enough snow to ski on?