December 7, 2008

B.I.D.: Blog Identity Disorder

Lately I've been pondering the purpose of my blog.  I've had the blogging blahs lately.  For some reason l over think stupid little things I want to post, decide they're stupid, and post nothing.  I've also had Veep stealing blog photos and content though, in fairness, I did it to her first.

This blog originally started out as an online scrapbook/journal to keep extended family informed of what we're up to here in Spokane.  That was about 2 years ago.  Since that time Veep started her own blog, sharing some of the "family reporting" duites, and I've felt less of a need to report solely on family activities and have branched out--talking about my main hobbies, primarily biking, and occasional random thoughts.  As I've read more and more blogs over the years I've come to appreciate the range of blog styles.  Some are very specific, with a defined purpose that is not to be strayed from.  Others are much more casual, with posts about whatever esoteric topic crosses the writer's mind that day. This blog is, I think, more akin to the latter.  
So, as I've thought about restating my blog's purpose, goal, theme, code, intent, aim, target, objective, thesis statement, topic sentence, what have you,  I've decided that I should be allowed to post about just about anything I want.  After all, it's my blog and I've found all kinds of crazy people out on the blogosphere saying just about anything.  I figure, as a fairly reserved person who doesn't speak out in the public forum a whole lot, or dominate many daily conversations, that blogging is therapeutic and validating.  And while I am self consciously aware of my audience (Hi Mom) my hope is to make this thing a little more interesting, substantive or, at the very least, mildly entertaining.  This way I figure I will be able to post more freely and more often.

So in my thinly veiled and shallowly suppressed obsessive compulsive way, I'd like to list some topics I would consider writing about (in no particular order):

1.  Family stuff.  Everything along the spectrum from the most mundane daily events to special occasions or extraordinary happenings that are normally reserved for the much anticipated, but often scorned, yearly Christmas brag letter. 
2.  Spokane.  The other day Veep said she was jealous of my zealous appreciation of Spokane.  At least weekly I think of a couple things about this place that make me like it more.
3.  Biking.  I like road biking, mountain biking, and I want to take my first real tour this next summer.  I don't race or see myself as a guru or sage of any kind, but I think some of my experiences may offer a nugget of insight every once in a while.
4.  Skiing.  I like to telemark.  My ambition is to backcountry ski.  To this point, however, I've mostly stayed in bounds as I don't currently have any friends with the same interest.  I've taken avy courses and read books and got gear, but lack experience.  Now that I've got my life insurance updated, the time seems ripe to head out to at least the side country this season.  This is an area that I could certainly blog about more.
5.  Opinion.  So like I said, I've found some crazy blogs out there with people saying or arguing just about anything you can imagine.  So why can't I?  I do have opinions but have so far chosen not to really express them for fear of controversy.  However, as I've engaged in political rants via email with some of my colleagues, I've kind of enjoyed a little controversy.  Argument can really help you work out a particularly complex issue in your mind and help you understand it from a lot more perspectives.  Of course I would probably start with small opinions like "After going to the Banff film festival a few weekends ago, I've come to the conclusion that Jeb Corliss is a doofis."
6.  Logic.  I'm no expert in logic, but I know there is a lot of false logic out there.  The same email rants that have gotten my thinking about complex issues have also uncovered buckets of bad analogies.  This is a topic on my list of "things I'd like to learn more about."
7.  Humor.   All I can say here is I'll try.  But I do like funny blogs (as well as stand up comics, funny TV shows or funny movies).
8.  Radiology?  Question mark here.  Do I really want to blog about work?  I personally think radiology is interesting, but most people probably don't.  But hey, it's my blog.  If I find something I just can't stand not to post, I will.
9.  Random.  Whatever.  This category makes the preceding list pointless as everything above could also be included in this single category.

So with this new blog identity, above is a post about Thanksgiving that is strikingly similar to what I've been posting for the past two years.


  1. Hi Doc! Just want you to know that I check on you daily and I'm always thrilled to hear about what you and the family are doing! How about coming to C and teach 2 college senior Writing classes for me? Love you all.

  2. I had to chuckle when you said you've had Vanessa steal your content because just the other day Dave accused me of stealing some of his thus giving him the blogging blahs.
    Here's to more random posts.