November 6, 2008

Thursday, 11/6/08 23:15.  It's official.  The weather is now cold and wet enough to justify riding the trainer in the basement.  I knew it would come to this, I was just hoping that it would hold out until after my four day weekend.

I did, however, make preparations for this eventuality.  And, as is my custom, I offer the details in the form of another numbered list:

1.  TV and DVD player.  Certainly it makes sense to watch a training video while riding.  I do this from time to time, but more often I just watch ski movies.


You can't tell, but here I'm watching Nick Devore get "Chugach-ed" in the new Powderwhore Tele-porn flick "The Pact."  I find ski movies inspiring while pedaling, it gives me purpose.  And with 13 inches of snow at the top of Mt. Spokane earlier this morning, that purpose is looming.  Without a TV, the reality of blown in insulation and two-by-fours is stifling.  Without it I don't think I'd ever get on the trainer (excuse Veep's big exercise ball).

2.  Reading material.  I like to be efficient.  I think I'm a pretty busy guy, so any time I can do two things at once I consider it a huge bonus.  Journal articles make for great reading material, keeping my mind occupied while spinning for an hour or two.  I get a little exercise and a little education.  I've photocopied a small stack so there is always something on hand.  Unfortunately, because I'm riding stationary and there is no wind to dissipate my sweat, which is measured in buckets, many of the articles are soaked by the end of the ride.  This is especially true when there is fine print that necessitates using my drops (the lower part of the handlebars). 


Here one can appreciate the shiny puddles of sweat and a discarded article.  A productive ride on two counts.

3.  Music.  This is a given.  No photo here as my MP3 player is merely my cameraphone's alter ego, unable to photograph itself.  I am currently enjoying the new one from "I'm From Barcelona" entitled Who Killed Harry Houdini.  Ophelia is a particularly catchy track.  Time on the trainer is well suited for listening to new music, which requires a little attention, or listening to long time favorites that can still excite.  I've loaded my MP3 player with a little of both.

So those are my main distractors.  I've been trying to think of some other ideas to keep my interest in the trainer up, but haven't come up with much.  Veep has a trainer too, so riding together may be fun.  I figure there is a way to "race" on side-by-side trainers, but haven't quite worked it out yet.  Any ideas out there?

Riding indoors is really unnatural, but sometimes a necessity.  I'll still ride outdoors on weekends, but with so little daylight now, my commuting has dwindled.  I'm telling myself that I'll work up to winter riding next year.  For now, the trainer will have to be my bread and butter.  [sigh].


  1. I recommend a fan. The cool breeze feels good. Monty Python takes my mind off the drudgery of indoor-stationary-trainer simulation of outdoor flying like the wind. :-)

  2. Reading journal articles is a good idea. I've been listening to lectures on literature whenever I am by myself.
    Is that really sweat piled up on the floor in that bottom photo? It looks like a pile of clear sequins.

  3. I think I'm going to try snowshoeing instead of trainer riding from now on.