July 1, 2012

Utah 2012

Eastern Oregon sunset.

Downtown Boise from the foothills.

Aspen along the trail, Park City.

Wilco, Red Butte Gardens.

Family hike to Clyde Lake, High Uintahs.

View from the top of Puke Hill, Wasatch Crest trail.

More aspen at 10,000 ft.

Shadow Lake. New Moots is officially named Clementine.

Desolation Lake.

Park City BMX track.

Red Pine Lake.

Hiking the Pfeifferhorn with Curtis.
More to come...


  1. Great stuff. Your first Red Pine Lake pic is particularly awesome.

  2. yet another righteous bmx park.

    great pics.

  3. Pat, thanks. Since I think you have an interest, check out my brothers' photo/video blog:

    John, I just wish there had been someone riding it. Looked nice and foley, but I'm not getting airborne...