March 5, 2012

Trip ideas for this Spring/Summer/Fall

In the past 5 years I've grown to really enjoy thinking up and planning trips.  Some trips I propose happen, and some don't, and that's ok.  I've found that if I throw out enough ideas, and keep my ambitions up, some trips are bound to happen.  And I realize that if I never float the idea of an adventure, it will never happen.  And if I spend some hours looking into a trip that never materializes, well,  I've at least felt the excitement of the possibility.

I've compiled a list of ideas for family trips as well as solo or group adventures over the past few years.  Many have actually happened and the list is getting short, so I've been in need of a new crop of ideas.  For this year I've come up with the list below and thought I'd share. 

1. Mt. Rainier climb
Second attempt as last Summer the weather kept us from going beyond Camp Muir.
2. Selkirk scenic loop and side trips bike tour
Roads that I have mostly driven before, a solo trip for early Summer before the snow pack has melted.
3. Antoine Peak Conservation Area, family hike and mountain bike exploration
Seen from I-90, recently acquired by the city.  I'm sure many know more about this than I, but could be a nice place for a quick family hike or a day of exploring by mountain bike.
4. McCroskey State park mountain bike exploration and possible bike packing
Along the Western border of Idaho, a ridgetop state park overlooking the palouse.  It looks like there are a lot of trails though many look to be motorcycle trails.  I figure even the 22+ mile gravel road through the park is at least worth a look.
5. Kettle Crest bike packing
I've wanted to do this for the past couple years.  A new mountain bike may help this one happen.
6. Backpacking in High Uintas
Trying to find a time to meet my brothers and go on a trip.  Could be great.
7. Backpacking Selkirk Crest, from Harrison Lake to Fault Lake
Along with this is just the need to hike more along the crest.  There is some nice rock up there that I'd like to be more familiar with.
8. Steptoe Butte bike ride
This is an easy single day that will likely happen this Spring.  I've ridden nearby, just never gotten to the top of the butte.
9. Mt. St. Helens climb/dayhike, family camping trip
Permits are already in place for this one later this Summer.
10. Repeat Iller Creek ride over the top of Tower Mountain
Part II of my New Years Day ride.
11. Family hike to Kokanee Glacier hut
I hiked on snow in mid to late July last Summer and stopped at Kaslo lake where the hut is situated.  Would be a nice alternative to full backpacking with the kids.  Just tricky to get reservations.
12. Mt. Hood hut mountain bike tour
This one also requires reservations.  Less likely to happen this year, but has been on the list for a couple years now.
13. Mountain bike tour in Switzerland
This one is new, a stab at an epic trip in celebration of V and me both turning 40 this year.
14. Trail of the Couer d'Alene's and Hiawatha trail loop through Avery
Have done the out and back from Plummer to Wallace and beyond.  Putting together a loop on mixed terrain would make it more interesting.
15. Columbia Plateau Trail
Also an easy one.  I've gone a few miles past Fish Lake but need to tick off the entire developed length of the section near Spokane. 
16. Bonnie lake paddle and island camping
This is a newer idea that I thought would appeal to V.  She likes paddling and there is a little island in the middle of this lake that belongs to the county, camping allowed.  Getting the kids to participate would require another boat. 

Those are the ideas for now.  I have aspirations of spending more time in southern BC and in the North Cascades, but nothing specific as of yet.  I'm hopeful that at least 10 of these things can happen this year, possibly more, but I will have to really start working on not working to allow time.