December 25, 2011

Early Winter So Far

Vanessa and I skinned up Mt. Spokane twice.  Once the week before Thanksgiving when it was cold, snowing, and powdery.

And once in early December when high pressure was sitting on top of us for weeks.  Inversion provided blue bird conditions (although crap snow) on the mountain with freezing fog in town.

Vanessa has made me a fan of "jumping" photos.  Humor us.

Obligatory panorama.

I took the kids to see a few movies over the holidays.  This is from a prop in the lobby.

I gave a boring lecture to Nurse Practitioners at the Davenport.  This was a foreboding decoration that served as distraction.

We forced our children to hike up to Big Rock via Iler Creek.  They hated it.

I loved it.

Spokane trails always have car wrecks.

I noticed this sign on High Drive recently.  I'm always riding the opposite direction on my commute so I've never noticed it before.  I suspect it has been there for some time.  I like it, though I'm uncertain what it really means.

Emmy turned 12. I feel old.

I finally made it up West Willow Peak.  Funny story.  I set out solo, got my car stuck, then met some nice guys who saved me and led me up the mountain.  There is some nice powder out there.

North Idaho Winter Sunset on the way home.  I never get tired of views like this.

I ventured solo up Mt. Spokane and yo yo-ed off the back side a few times last week.  There was a surprising amount of powder to be had despite the weeks of high pressure and minimal snowfall.

The new AT setup is serving me well.  Still getting used to my heel being locked down.

Beautiful sky and frosty trees.

Skin track.

Merry Christmas!!

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