October 26, 2011

Summer Picture Dump

This summer I had more time off than I've had in a long time.  We took advantage of the time and got outside.  I selected just over 100 photos below to show what we've done:
Two weeks in Southern Utah--we hit the road literally right after the bell rang on the last day of school.
Lower Emerald Pool, Zion
Great bend from the trail to Hidden Canyon, Zion

Cable Mountain, Zion

Blooming cactus, East Rim, Zion

Towards Echo Canyon from the East Rim, Zion

Father's Day morning, awesome kids

The Subway, Left Fork of the Virgin River, Zion

On the way to the Subway

Shelf Canyon Narrows, Zion

Grafton, ghost town

At the entrance to an unnamed slot, Petroglyph Canyon, Zion

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, from the west

Red Canyon single track, near Bryce

Bryce Canyon heat

More Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon panorama

Silent City, Bryce Canyon

Wall Street, Bryce Canyon

Bull Valley Gorge, Escalante Grand Staircase

Bull Valley Gorge Narrows

Old truck, wedged like a chokestone, Bull Valley Gorge

Bull Valley Gorge

Willis Creek, Escalante Grand Staircase

Calf Creek Falls

View from Boulder Mountain, looking south east to the Henry Mountains (Butch Cassidy country) and Escalante

Hanksville gas station-convenience store cave

Goblin Valley

Sunset in Goblin Valley, children and truck

Rafting break on the Colorado River, Moab

Slickrock at 99 degrees, Moab


Landscape Arch, Arches

Partition Arch, Arches


Under double "O" Arch, Arches

Double "O" Arch panorama

Swimming, Moab

Alligator rock, from the Slickrock trail

Early morning Slickrock ride

Delicate Arch, Arches

Delicate Arch panorama

Briefly back home in Spokane:
Baby birds in our neighbor's orchard

Solo weekend hiking up to the Great White North.  Lots of snow in mid July:

Kokanee Lake, Kokanee Glacier PP

On the hike to Lake Kaslo, Kokanee Glacier PP

Interesting snow and slush along the trail

Proof I was there

Kokanee Lake panorama

The streets of Nelson, BC

Breakfast at El Oso Negro, Nelson BC
The orange bridge, Nelson, BC

Signage on the road to Whitewater

Passing through Ymir, BC

View of the Selkirk crest to the east of Grassy Top Mountain

On the trail to Grassy Top, so I know I was there

Grassy Top Mountain panorama

Road side debris, south of Lake Sullivan WA

Clouds lining up over the Selkirk Crest

Back to Spokane:
Blooming hens and chicks in the backyard

Break during a family ride on the Centennial Trail
Savanna mid ride
Late July attempt on Mt. Rainier.  Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to get to the summit:

The climber's lodge at Paradise, Mt. Rainier

Near panorama point, Mt. Rainier

Looking down the Muir snowfield, Mt. Rainier
The public lodge, Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier

Climbing crew about to leave Camp Muir

Camp Muir panorama, northeast side

Camp Muir panorama, southwest side

Back to Spokane for a few days:
Ansel having fun with cell phone, downtown Spo'

V on the  hillside at home
Off to Sandpoint:
Wolf People, on the way to Sandpoint

Savanna's turn

Wolf pup


Freedom at City Beach, Sandpoint

Wearing Ansel's wet t-shirt for $3

Trouble riding, Schweitzer

Pend O'reille

Pend O'reille from Green Monarch

Ansel at City Beach, Sandpoint
Back home on the Palouse:
Second half of the Midnight Century course, pre-ride

Post Midnight Century

Celebrating 15 years together, with Josh Ritter as 3rd wheel
Local fun:
Mid August huckleberry picking, unusually late, Mt. Spokane

Camping near Trout Lake, Kettle Range WA

Emerald Lake, Kettle Range WA
Moss mustache

Scotchman Peak, ID

Obligatory solo hike documentation, Scotchman Peak, ID

Resident mountain goats, Scotchman Peak

Scotchman Peak panorama

Peak bagged
Late August Mt. Adams hike and ski:
Mt. Adams

Lunch Counter campsite, Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams

Evening mountain shadow, Mt. Adams

Sunrise on summit, Mt. Adams
Home for a day:
Stormy sunset from the backyard, Spokane
Back to Canada:
On the way to Lake Drummond, Valhallas BC

Emmy, Lake Drummond

On the trail, Valhalla PP

Campsite at Drummond Pass, Valhalla PP

Freeze dried dinner in the rain, Valhalla PP

Devil Range panorama, Valhalla PP

Gwillim Lakes basin panorama, Valhalla PP

On the way down, Valhalla PP
Back to school:
Mona Ansel

Mona Savanna (last day of the DaVinci exhibit, NW MAC)

Spokefest 2011 Crew

Duncan garden in full bloom, late summer Spokane

Duncan Garden

Savanna at back to school night
My excuse for not blogging more regularly this summer?  See above.

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