April 12, 2009

Veep's B-day


My wife is very good at writing cohesive, well though out blog entries with fancy words (some of which are made up) as well as making nice tribute lists--especially on birthdays and other special occasions--mixed with accompanying photo montages.  Now it is her birthday and I'm making a flimsy attempt at doing the same for her.  So here is a list of things about Veep.

1.  She loves the outdoors and would rather be hiking, walking, skiing, biking, swimming, or moving in some way outside rather than being inside.

2.  She is a great parent whether she believes it or not.

3.  She likes music and will sing around the house or in the car despite complaints from her kids (see, she's a great parent).

4.  She is an excellent writer.

5.  She is an excellent thinker.

6.  Sometimes she likes to use questionable statistics in arguments.

7.  She takes a lot of good pictures.

8.  She spooks easily and makes a loud gasp when surprised.

9.  She hates driving in snow.

10.  She has a talent for playing with and entertaining kids.


A well illuminated birthday cake.

11.  She is not good with a TV remote.

12.  She reads to our kids.

13.  She dreams of traveling all over the world but has only been out of the country to Canada and Mexico.  Some day soon Veep.

14.  She is literally always cold.

15.  She likes chocolate and will eat cookies or candy for breakfast if they're lying around.

16.  She doesn't mind cooking dinner, she just dreads thinking up what to cook.

17.  She hates video games.

18.  She collects rocks, shells, and sticks on hikes and trips.

19.  She has a polished broadcasting voice and should be a local news reporter.

20.  She is the model middle sibling (#5 of 10) and, in my opinion, is the peacemaker in her family.

21.  She likes fresh fruit and vegetables.

22.  She has a visceral hate of mayonnaise.

23.  She is a committed and loyal friend.

24.  She takes about 20 minutes to get ready for bed.

25.  She taught our kids to eat whipped cream right out of the can.

26.  She won't admit it, but she's in love with Josh Ritter.

27.  She gave birth to two of our children naturally.

28.  She is addicted to thrift stores and hates going to the mall. 

29.  She likes small boxes.

30.  She came in 4th in her first triathlon last fall.


Sal is wondering if she is going to share the Pokemon cards he gave her.

31.  She has a physical dependence on lotion and has a hard time handling newspaper.

32.  She hates folding clean socks.

33.   She likes to laugh at some of the same TV shows and lame movies that I like to, but hates when I laugh too loud. 

34.  She makes sure each of our kids feels special on their birthday.

35.  For her latest birthday she got two puzzles, new tires for her car, 2 CDs, and a pack of Pokemon cards (and a kayak).

36.  She is refreshingly unaware of what a beautiful person she is.

37.  She loves me (whew).



  1. Numbers 6, 8, 11, 14, 16, 19, 22, 24, 26, 31, and 33 made me chuckle the most.

  2. Corey, you did yourself proud. The best decision you ever made was to marry Vanessa!!!! We love her too!!!

  3. Great tribute to Vanessa!