April 29, 2009

Moose Blog Redux


I have a deep seated belief that if a moose acknowledges your existence, it is a sign of good karma for the next 3 days.  And if the moose acknowledges you while on a bicycle, it is a sign of good karma for the next week.

I have spent my Spring thus far riding faithfully to work.  I consider my ride out to the valley a "training" ride.  But since I don't race, I figure I'm just training for my daily "biathlon" of 50 miles of riding and 9 hours of work.  Some days I don't know which is more grueling.

Speaking of Spring, it is now late April and we are in the heart of the season.  Despite what the calendar or phases of the moon say, it felt like winter this morning.  Luckily there are signs of spring all around.  Here are a few of the more telling that I have observed.

All that white stuff is gone.  Now it's in the river (what a great place to live).


Smooth tires are back.

Shoulder grunge is becoming spotty, though still in full force on the Palouse.


My tree pollen allergies are in full force with a few semisonic sneezes breaking through my nasal steroid from time to time (luckily, no picture).

A few green things are showing up. (no picture)

The battle for "World Peace" is heating up.  (I keep forgetting to snap a picture of the concrete barrier on Hatch that now says "World Peace through strength)

Gas prices are creeping up.


Road construction is underway.  (Luckily no picture, I don't have any construction barriers on my current commutes)

Thre great thing about suffering a little on a cold Spring morning ride to work is knowing that the afternoon will be warm and pleasant for the ride home.  Oh, and that summer is coming whether you believe it or not.


  1. I noticed the "World Peace through strength" when we went out to my Mom's house a couple weeks ago. After pondering an appropriate counter tweak I'd like to see someone add "of character".

  2. Nice ride. I'm impressed that you put in 50 miles and a full workday in a single 24-hour period.