September 14, 2008

Weekend Rides

Turnbull with the kids, Mt. Spokane with the guys.



On the way up we mostly stuck to the road, but were forced onto the trail as they are resurfacing near the top. This trip was all about the downhill. Harwood has been sharing his "The Collective" movies, putting stupid ideas in the heads of three thirty-somethings that should be riding slow and safely for the sake of their children. Karma smiled, no injuries. No really cool jumps either.





Turnbull Wildlife Refuge Sunday evening. The girls rode well. They weren't shy expressing their preference for pavement however. Didn't see much of the "wildlife" unfortunately. Beautiful evening, near-full moon on the rise.

Sal is getting sick of being in the trailer. My next project will definitely have to be getting rid of his training wheels. We tried a cheap trail-a-bike which he didn't take to--it kept flopping side to side and he never really felt safe. I didn't either. We'll have to use his younger cousin for inspiration.


  1. That really was a fun ride last weekend (except for the climb up the mountain, which I was not in shape for).
    I've only been to Turnbull once, but all I saw were some waterfowl. I know some people love to look at birds, but except for storks, cranes, and various raptors, I don't get very excited about watching birds. I've heard of people seeing large mammals there, though.
    I think Sal will have an easier time than Sonora learning to ride his bike; at least, you'd better hope for your back's sake that he learns more easily. I felt (and looked) like a hunchback when I was following her around, trying to keep her from falling. For some reason, I just really wanted her to learn this summer, but it took a lot of time.

  2. Looks like you and your family have been able to do a lot of nice rides this summer. My boys only learned to ride this year. We waited way too long to teach them and they learned in less than 5 minutes (they were 6 and 7 years old). My little girl is only 4. I think next summer will be the time.
    I put a blog list of friends and family's blogs that I follow on mine and I put lazyeye and blinding moments of unconviction on. Hope that's okay.