September 23, 2008


A mysterious pile of rocks showed up today. Work on the yard begins Monday. I am excited.


Unfortunately, whoever dumped the rocks piled them around a few trees, leaving a few large dings in the bark. I enjoy not having to do some hard labor, but I often wonder what people are thinking.

In other news...

Veep has registered for a mini triathlon in Southern Utah in October and has started a training regimen. Now that Sal is in preschool for three hours every Monday, Wedneday, and Friday morning, she has regular alone time she can use to exercise. Despite starting slow, however, she has contracted mysterious proximal leg pain. Hopefully it will go away.

And yes Sal has started preschool, as previously mentioned. On his first day he was a little nervous. Appropriately, his main fear, when asked by Veep what he was worried about, was "what if I have to poop? What if my bum itches?" I wasn't there, so I don't know what the official answer was, but I'd be interested to know.

I've been getting accustomed to my new bike. It is a juggernaut. The thing does not like to stop, it just wants to keep going, what with a good 240lbs of inertia spread over a 6 foot long wheelbase. I'm glad I invested in disc brakes. They're not the heaviest duty downhill brakes, but they do give me confidence that I can stop quick when coming down Hatch hill, in the dark, with wet pavement. Now I just need to slap some fenders on the thing (the beloved disc brakes make transferring my old fenders impossible, SKS fenders are on order) now that autumn has arrived.

Check out the new photo album on the right. The inaugural Spokefest was a few weekends ago. It was a fun morning ride through the state park with 1200 other bike lovers. The kids even had their own little loop through the park downtown and got orange flags mounted on their bikes. Of course I got a flat tire not 4 miles into the ride. Embarrassing but to be expected. A beautiful late summer day all the same.

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