July 24, 2007

0720071836Time to blog again.  Since I last visited my blog a lot has happened, however nothing too unexpected.  I finished my job in Portland, finally graduating from school/training.  To my surprise, when I got home from work Veep and the kids had made on of those fun signs where you use candy as different words is a message (a secret talent I have seen her unsheath in the past).  Sal had a hard time leaving the box of Nerds alone.  Anyway, it was one of those "last day of school" feelings which is still lingering even though I've already started my first real job.  I actually started a week ago and have actually been impressed with how much less stressful my day is.  People in academics think they have a great deal with "academic time" and a supposed lighter workload.  They portray private practice as a money grubbing sweat shop doing second rate work.  While I have definitely seen that there is a bottom line in private practice (after all it's my money now, not the hospital's) the workday isn't quite as stressful and is much more under my control.  I guess working so hard this past year has prepared me well for the real world.  Anyway, so I am happy with my job so far but have a little stress re-learning mammography since I've been busy studying orthopedics for the past year (my time is split between the two in my new job, they're short handed in mammography).  But learning is always good, and I'm still used to studying and reading.  I do enjoy learning and researching questions and am glad my job will require it for the rest of my life.
    In other news, I've included an updated picture of our house.  The framing has been progressing nicely and is still on time.  Sorry about the photo quality, it's a cell phone picture as Veep is out of town and took the good camera with her.
    Speaking of which, Veep and the kids are in Utah visiting their cousins and aunts while I get to sit home, work, ride my bike, and watch three hours of the Tour de France every night.  I can't decide if I want Rasmussen to stay on top or the youngster Contador to win.  I tend to root for the good climbers, the real men, and not for the glamorous sprinters (except Robie MacEwen).
    So Sal had to get his second front tooth pulled a week ago.  He chipped one of his teeth when he was 18 months old, which got infected and had to be pulled.  A chronic, low level infection spread to the second tooth which became devitalized and occasionally drained pus.  So both front teeth are gone.  The dentist assured us it won't become a huge orthodontic problem.
    The girls have been keeping busy with their friend across the street.  They've had plenty of sleepovers and have been an inseparable trio since we got into town.  We're renting a house literally around the corner from our old house.  So the girls will be back in their old school, amongst their old friends.
    Well, I think that's a pretty good update for now.  I'm sure there is more to tell but can't remember anything else.  I suppose I will just have to post more frequently.


  1. What a delight to find a new posting.....glad to hear that working in the real world is good!

  2. Nice home. You guys'll probably be in by end of October?
    I'm with you on the Tour de France excitement except it is getting rather bothersome to have all these doping scandals. I imagine this happens in other sports but goes mostly undetected. Anyway, I was glad to see Contador take it (followed up by his team leader in 3rd place).