May 8, 2007



So as you can see, ground has been broken on our house in Spokane.  I think you can get a sense of how many trees there are on the lot.  The home site is sort of on the edge of a natural clearing so, while they did have to cut some trees down, it wasn't too many.  These photos were emailed to me from the builder, so I haven't been on site yet.  Last time I was in Spokane (last week) it was just a bunch of stakes in the ground marking the foot print of the house.  The guys in the photo are standing in what will be the basement family room, right under the great room.  They are facing the back of the house.  Behind the house there is a clearing for a good sized yard.  For me it has been hard to appreciate the reality of this house.  Just having photos is a great help, very exciting.


  1. Your homesite is incredible--being at home will be like being on vacation.

  2. What a great place to build a home. The views of the trees and the surrounding area looks to be incredible.