May 6, 2011

Bloomsday and Beyond



We had a surprisingly good time last weekend as rookie "bloomies". I think V was so high on endorphins at the end of the run that she was thinking about running home, getting the kids, and doing it again. I would have considered joining her if I thought it would have kept my quads from cinching down like a corset.

Instead we went home, got the kids, and headed out on a waterfall hunt. This time we went to the southeastern shore of Lake Roosevelt to see Hawk Creek Falls. This is a somewhat bashful waterfall, wedged in a tight corner of its namesake canyon. Hard to get a really stunning photo as a result.

The falls had plenty of water spilling over its top, running along it's creekbed and into the lake. The lake, however, was at it's annual low having been drawn down in anticipation of a generous Spring runoff.

It was nice to feel hot and dry as we wandered the sandy lakebed.

On the way back we stopped at Fort Spokane, something I've wanted to do for some time. It was interesting to think about life at the fort 115 years ago but sad to think about life there 104 years ago when it was a compulsory school for Native children. I always find it satisfying to experience more of our local history. This was a photo for Savanna's 7th grade social studies/geography/Washington State History class:

They are supposed to get photos of different places while holding a can of SPAM (maps spelled backward). We didn't have any on hand but will have to play with photoshop later.

We stopped at a small store/restaurant/gas station to get something to drink on the way home. I appreciated the exclusivity that comes from living in a small town.

If only my first name was Robert, I'd be golden.

Overall, it was a good day trip to start the season of family adventure.

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  1. And all this time I thought everyone had a spare can of Spam in their glove compartment.