September 10, 2010

CJ's Productive Day Off

List of accomplishments:
1. Helped get kids off to school.
2. Took two cars in for scheduled maintenance.
3. Rode bikes home with V.
4. Arranged to have iPad fixed and put it in the mail.
5. Mowed the lawn.
6. Met the directTV guy at the house to fix our malfunctioning receivers.
6. Rode with V to pick up the two cars.
7. Dropped her bike off at the shop for a long overdue tune up.
8. Made some plans for our Costa Rica trip.
9. Got a ticket for Musicfest NW on Saturday night while in Portland.
10. Called administrators to reduce my workday load 20% for the 2011 calendar year--a major life change.

What I didn't get done:
1. Build panel for painting.
2. Put gesso on panel for S.

I'll get that done when I get home.

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