February 23, 2010

Boise Getaway

Here is a summary of our quick trip to Boise this past weekend:

Boise Day Trips Feb 2010 from Corey Judd on Vimeo.

A few highlights to consider:

1.  It is now clear to me that the kids will last about 2 hours in snow before they need a break.  At two hours into our hike they were hungry and "Bogus Basin"  quickly changed to "Bonus Bacon."

2.  The sand dunes were steeper than they look.  Notice the stream of sand running down the dune on the scene where the stiff lanky guy runs down and does some fake falls (Somehow on the walk up I developed an irrational fear that when I ran down I would face plant and snap my neck and my children would find me lifeless, foaming at the mouth.  I didn't want that to happen).

3.  Ansel dreams of one day being on "America's Funniest Home Videos" and will at times do fake falls and ask if it qualifies to be on the show.  Well, riding the stationary bike gets very close.

4.  The music is near-local hero Josh Ritter.  A good song for Spring and, while technically still Winter, it has felt like Spring in many ways for some time.

5.  The Idaho State Capitol was recently renovated and looks nice.

6.  Someday I'll have time to blog, edit home movies, and prepare my taxes--but not today.


  1. Nicely captured. That old Mac Book Pro seems to have the juice you need to edit your video.

  2. I may hold off until the new macpro is out, but I still hear whispers every now and again.