December 8, 2009

Christmas Shopping with Ansel

Last Saturday I took Ansel Christmas shopping.  We went to the Children's Corner Bookshop which is a locally owned kid's bookstore in the mall that we go to quite often when we're out downtown.  He likes to play with this little mix and match bear that they have open for kids to play with.  Every time he picks it up he has to piece together the following combination:


And then he says:  "the bear is dressed for church but he doesn't want to go."


  1. As my son would say "Sunday is the boringest day of the week."

  2. Doesn't take a child psychologist to interpret that one.

  3. Funny. That bear really does have a horrified expression on its face. If it was wearing a wrestling singlet, it would remind me of how I felt before each wrestling match in junior high. My favorite matches were the ones for which my opponent didn't show up.