June 2, 2009

It's a . . .

I've found that there are two things that I never regret:

1.  Spending time with my kids.
2.  Riding my bike to work.

I've laid awake trying to figure out a third thing that I categorically would never regret but haven't come up with one.  

Today, however, I opted to drive to work because of my bicycle, or more specifically, because of the arrival of my new bicycle frame.  The bike shop closes at 6 pm and since I wanted to get downtown from the valley after work so I could see the frame being pulled out of the box, I decided to drive in this morning.  I made it out of work a few minutes early and to Two Wheel Transit a few minutes after 5 pm.  I nervously watched as the box cutters trimmed the packing tape and anxiously helped pull the top off the unusually large frame carton.  

It's a beautiful, precise, shiny, sleek, and silvery masterwork of welding and bent metal.  Here's a peek:


I felt like a new parent, awkwardly holding it, setting it down before I was really ready to let go of it.  I lingered awkwardly in the shop, but realized there wasn't much to do with it until it's built.  So, like a proud pop, I snapped a few quick pictures and headed home.


All I really heard was a suggestion that it could be ready by the weekend.  I'll have a hard time not holding them to that as a promise.

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  1. You must be doing more riding than blogging...
    that's probably how it should be.