February 9, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I finally managed to get my hands on some studded tires big enough for the Big Dummy.  Mid winter is not the time to find deals on studs.  Seems like they are all limited production.

I'm not sure why I'm compelled to take pictures of my bike tires, but I am.



No more excuses.

I think I've just guaranteed no more snow for the rest of the winter.


  1. Between me finally fixing my snowblower back at the beginning of January and you getting studded tires I think we've done a good job of setting ourselves up for many more days of snow free roads. After last December I am completely okay with that.

  2. Jason, I secretly want more snow as I don't feel like I've skied enough this season. Stating there would probably be no more snow was a jinx to cancel the jinx of getting the studs--a double jinx, if you will, that would produce more snow. However, with the timely snow blower repair, depending on how expensive it was, works out to a triple jinx and, alas, no more snow. Perhaps a compromise would work--a little rain in town and heavy snow in the mountains.

  3. Those are some burley tires. Have you found any icy patches of road to try them out on?